Transformation Agenda

Our Commitment: TimRite is committed to implementation of transformation initiatives for community empowerment and development through:

  • Flexible and adaptable means of implementing transformation that will translate into meaningful and sustainable community development.
  • Partnerships with our customers in ensuring community development through the three pillars below

TimRite has three pillars of Transformation, i.e., Enterprise development & Supplier development, Corporate social investment and capability development.  All these pillars are geared towards creating sustainable development that ensures a better quality of life for communities, thus bringing hope and entrepreneurial opportunities for future leaders.   We believe that TimRite’s transformation initiatives will contribute significantly to the promotion of short-, medium- and long-term socio-economic stability in the country.

TimRite’s key focus areas on CSI:

  • Education
  • Health care support
  • Youth Development
  • Community Development

Through the collaboration with our key customers, we embark on initiatives that seek to empower, grow our community to a better state of life

As TimRite we are proud to have worked and contributed to the following, to mention a few:

Sitimisele disabled centre – Mpumalanga

Lomshiyo community – Satico

Welriedal Child and Youth Centre – Welkom

School shoes campaign – Moodereast

We aim to run CSI projects in the areas where we run our business operations.

The key objectives of Enterprise development initiatives are to

  • To uplift and empower communities where TimRite and its customers operate.
  • Develop community-based enterprises that will supply and service TimRite and its customers.
  • To create employment through localisation.
  • Create opportunities for local communities to enter the business environment by partnering with established businesses.

Some of the enterprise and supplier development initiatives we have run include learnership on SMME entrepreneurial training, to empower local SMME ‘s on financial management, legal & compliance and marketing management. We further embarked on monthly accounting support and access to operational offices. Some of the SMME’s we have worked with include,

  • Liqui Forestry – Mpumalanga
  • Tiva ta Wena Transport – Mpumalanga Area
  • Ndlandlhare Trading – Mpumalanga

On Enterprise & Supplier development TimRite mainly targets

  • Communities within which TimRite and its customers operate.
  • Businesses owned by the youth, women and people with disabilities.
  • Local entrepreneurs who wish to supply and service businesses in their communities.
  • Local business structures which are already operating some form of business or another in the community

Capability development

Over the years TimRite has prioritised skills development through learnership programmes, wherein the key focus is on unemployed youth. This is has led to many learners obtaining they certificate of compliance and increasing their opportunity for employment. Successful learnership programmes ran in the Yaverland and Kemp areas.

Of late we have started focusing on the graduate programme, wherein we offer bursaries to learners specifically in the areas where we operate our business.  The graduate programme together with the focus on employing a significant percentage of local people where we operate, has contributed to the enhancement of capability

Recent projects

 TimRite donates school shoes

On Thursday, 8 April 2021 TimRite has donated school shoes to Moddereast Gold 1, to help improve the lives of disadvantaged children.

The donation forms part of TimRite’s CSI project in which Modder East Gold 1 forms part of the identified areas.

The event was attended by TimRite’s transformation committee. ´At TimRite we have always believed that it is important to contribute, especially in communities where we do business. This is an opportunity for us to collaborate and this is the first of many. Our intension is to also look at Enterprise Supplier Development, we will be looking to see how we can assist some entrepreneurs, bring issues to create employment for local community to benefit” … said Mish Mogale, TimRite transformation committee member.