Transformation Agenda

Our Commitment: TimRite is committed to implementation of transformation initiatives for community empowerment and development through:

  • Flexible and adaptable means of implementing transformation that will translate into meaningful and sustainable community development.
  • Partnerships with our customers in ensuring community development through the three pillars below

TimRite has three pillars of Transformation, i.e., Enterprise development & Supplier development, Corporate social investment and capability development. All these pillars are geared towards creating sustainable development that ensures a better quality of life for communities, thus bringing hope and entrepreneurial opportunities for future leaders. We believe that TimRite’s transformation initiatives will contribute significantly to the promotion of short-, medium- and long-term socio-economic stability in the country.

TimRite’s key focus areas on CSI:

  • Education
  • Health care support
  • Youth Development
  • Community Development

Through the collaboration with our key customers, we embark on initiatives that seek to empower, grow our community to a better state of life

We ran a community vegetable campaign in Welkom, wherein through a local supplier we distributed vegetables to an old age home ( called Thembalethu nursing care) and to various community members in the area. The campaign is now looking at expanding to also supply seedlings so community members so they can grow their own vegetables.

Sanitary towels distribution

Timrite to provide sanitary pads to school girls has helped try and address part of this issue and ensure that these young women do not miss out on an education due to a lack of safe menstrual materials. Therefore, we partook in a CSI project where we purchased 1 900 sanitary pads, which were distributed in schools around Carletonville. Furthermore we received a donation of approximately 200 sanitary pads from The Imbumba Foundation from where we sourced the sanitary pads. Thus, this gave us the opportunity and privilege to reach out to approximately 2000 school girls.

The schools that are located in Carletonville that we succeeded in donating to are as follows: Rooipoort Primary, Relebogile Secondary School, Tswasongu Secondary School, Wedela Primary School, Wedela Technical High School, and Xhobani Primary School

Building of toilets at the AA khumalo Primary School in Mpumalanga

It has happened a number of times in our country that a number of school children in the rural areas died due to the use of pit toilets in schools. This is sad for parents, schools and the community at large. Timrite undertook a project in Mpumalanga to ensure that one of the schools was able to have toilets wherein pupils could use safely . The project brought relief and comfort to the school , knowing that pupils would be comfortable and safe when using the toilets and potential risks of injuries and deaths were eliminated.

Phutanang Foundation

Timrite collaborated with Phutanang Foundation to provide school shoes for kids. This drive has helped many children keep their small feet warm, especially during winter and rainy seasons. Timrite appreciates the opportunity to work with foundations that genuine care for the upliftment of communities and the disadvantaged people. The impact these projects have is amazing and goes a long way

Capability Development

Advancement and growth are the things close to Timrite . Skills development is very important to Timrite as we feel that having a skilled employment base is one of the cornerstones for us to build a prosperous South Africa. It is encouraging to see growth and progress in all the areas we sponsor such us graduate programmes , learnerships , apprenticeship

Enterprise development

The key objectives of Enterprise development initiatives are to

⦁ To uplift and empower communities where TimRite and its customers operate.
⦁ Develop community-based enterprises that will supply and service TimRite and its customers.
⦁ To create employment through localisation.
⦁ Create opportunities for local communities to enter the business environment by partnering with established businesses.

Our Enterprise development pillar has multi facets. This year we launched 3 new business ventures with local community entrepreneurs whereby they will be distributing mining timber, structural timber (used in the building industry) as well as treated building and fencing poles. The model is based on the principle that by supplying the mine industry the entrepreneur has a reliable source of revenue which he can then use as a sound base for the expansion of his structural and treated poles business. This will allow him/her to build a sustainable business into the future that will not just be dependent on mining but will be supplying timber products into the community. Timrite will also offer business management support through a mentorship program to transfer skills to the community entrepreneurs. We managed to do this in collaboration with our customers .

Together we can make a difference in South Africa’s future .