Research and Development

Timrite, through historic entities has been involved with support-related mining research and development since the mid 1960’s. The comprehensive R&D facility at Westonaria, west of Johannesburg, was established in 1990 with the ongoing objective of solving the complex support problems of South African mines.

A wide range of products designed and developed by the Westonaria facility has resulted in major advances in mining support design and strata control.
The centre is staffed by a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team capable of addressing the support challenges of both shallow and deep mines. In collaboration with operational staff and external rock engineering expertise the team has developed key competencies focused on commercial product and systems based R&D.

A comprehensive workshop, allows the manufacturing of new support prototypes for extensive surface testing at our R&D facility where computerised equipment simulates the conditions underground.

Over 120 patents and trademarks have been registered by Timrite for the mining industry, which is testimony to the success of the collaboration between Timrite and it customers and the number of issues resolved.

Quick Facts:

The R&D facility with its unique testing equipment are accepted and accredited throughout the mining industry.

Confidential test work and safe data

All testing equipment is annually calibrated by a SANAS (South African National Accreditation)

Technical Services:

Performance specifications for all products

Risk Assessments on all products

Product training and demonstrations

Installation videos and posters

Technical papers

Product brochures

The testing of 3rd party products.

Conference Facilities:

Conference room for up to 30 delegates

Modern presentation equipment available

Internal and external display areas

Entertainment/catering amenities available

Secure environment with ample parking

Dynamic Testing Apparatus

Test weight: 16t gravity mass block
Dynamic capacity: 1 – 6 m/sec
Energy capacity: 302 kJ
Test height: 1.2m
Platen dimensions: 110 x 110 cm
Data available: Sampling rate 1000 /second
Accelerometer for velocity
Potentiometer for displacement
Products tested: Elongates, Hydraulic Props & Packs

10 000 kN Quasi Static Hydraulic Press

Daylight: 1,7m
Platen dimension: 1,6m x 1,2m
Load Capacity: 10 000 kN
Stroke: 1,7 m
Displacement Rate: 1 mm/day – 60mm/minute
Calibration: Annually by accredited SANAS laboratory
Presentation: Graphical Load & Displacement
data captured
Products tested: Elongates, Hydraulic Props & Packs


400 kN Hydraulic Press

Daylight: 300mm
Platen dimension: 30x30cm
Load Capacity: 400 kN
Stroke: 30cm
Travel Rate: 0-30 c,/min
Calibration: Annually by accredited SANAS Laboratory
Presentation: Graphical Load & Displacement
data captured