Who we are

TimRite was established in 1995 when former HL&H Executives started a new mining services venture. TimRite grew further in 2005 when Mondi Imbani Mining Supplies (MIMS) and TimRite were merged. The MIMS business was initially purchased as part of a larger transaction between Mondi and HL&H in 1996 and thereafter acquired by TimRite. In 2013 Thebe Mining Resources (Pty) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thebe Investment Corporation, acquired a majority share in TimRite. Management shareholders converted their shareholding into advance account in 2018, thereby leaving Thebe as the sole shareholder.

What we do

TimRite operates in the mining supply and services sector. It is the largest supplier of timber-based roof support products into the South African deep level mining (Gold and Platinum). Its secondary focus is on the supply of sawn timber into the industrial timber market.

We provide innovative mining solutions such as support products (timber elongates & mats), polymer bags (grout & backfill bags) & steel (temporary & permanent support)) and services such as fire-retardant treatment for timber, timber yard management and support monitoring & control.

TimRite has five saw mills, seven front end operations and R & D facility where we conduct research, product development and performance tests.


Over 800 skilled and dedicated TimRite employees.


To be the leading empowered company in our industry.


To design, manufacture and supply innovative, cost effective, good quality, safe mining and forestry related products and services to related industries globally, in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

BBBEE status

TimRite is Level 2 BBBEE with 92% Black Ownership. This also qualifies TimRite as a value adding supplier. TimRite is effectively Black owned with previously disadvantaged individuals having more than 85.53% economic interest in the business.

TimRite has committed adequate resources towards people development through its Graduate Development Programme, Skills Development Programme and Management Development Programme. In addition to taking people development seriously, TimRite remain committed to procuring from BBBEE entities at all levels of its business. To this end TimRite played a major role in developing Black owned enterprises at its various sites.

In line with Thebe’s commitment towards community development, through our CSI projects, TimRite has contributed significantly towards communities within which the company conducts its business.

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Management shareholders converted their shareholding into advance account in 2018, thereby leaving Thebe as the sole shareholder. Timrite (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thebe Timrite Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Thebe Investment Corporation is the ultimate holding company.

Business Focus

The development of safe, innovative and cost-effective underground support solutions – TimRite has the most advanced research, development and surface testing facility, based at our operations in Westonaria.

Together with the rock engineering skills and expertise of TimRite the mining solutions to key challenges of extracting deeper ore bodies are met. This is achieved through ongoing collaboration between TimRite and its customers which also result in innovative product development and unique solutions for the industry.

Optimizing the full value of timber – TimRite’s investment in eucalyptus plantations allows for diversification into servicing the industrial timber and special pole markets.