Geographical Positioning

The operations of Timrite are broadly split between the Back End operations which include the sawmills, plantations and non-mining market and the Front End which comprise the mining customer servicing function of the business including marketing and product assembly. The four mining sawmills operated by Timrite are situated at White River (Yaverland Mill), Baberton (Satico Mill), Hazy View (Ramanas Mill) and Piet Retief (Kemp Mill). All the mills are in close proximity to their source of round timber and railway network. The mills manufacture timber components and products used in underground support solutions and industrial timber markets.

The Front End service centres and factories are positioned to optimize the management and distribution of product to our customers. These centres are located in the Rustenburg, Evander, Kusasalethu, Klerksdorp, Welkom and Westonaria. In addition, Timrite has established operations on mine properties where product assembly, timber yard and stock management services are provided.

Timrite’s investment in this extensive logistical network is of direct benefit to our customers through just in time deliveries, reduced stock holding and improved working capital.