Non-mining timber

In 2010, Timrite acquired 6,800 hectares of eucalyptus plantations in Mpumalanga. Whilst this is a secure source of timber for our timber based mine support products there remains a portion of the round timber harvested each year that cannot be applied to the mining market.

Instead of trading this resource, Timrite selects special poles for the transmission, agriculture and building & fencing markets and has established a industrial sawmill where a range of wet-of-sawn products are produced:

Pallet Components

Timrite manufacture all pallet and crating components for both standard packaging and transportation pallets, as well as manufacture components to you specific requirements. Contact Andre on Cell: 082 804 7877.

Gum Planks

Gum Planks are mainly manufactured from Eucalyptus grandis or saligna, which is a hardwood specie that complements the application of gum planks, due to its high density.


Product that is used to protect and/or secure loads during transportation, such as spacers, boards, blocks and planks. For queries, please contact Andre on Cell: 082 804 7877