Friction stabilisers 

Splitsets are made from high tensile (SUPRAFORM MC 420) high graded steel that is roll-formed into a tubular section containing a continuous longitudinal opening along the length of the tube. An 8mm steel ring is fixed to the collar end (5mm from the edge) of the tube and when the Splitset is installed into the recommended drilled hole size together with the desire bearing plate it establishes a compressive force against the rock. The tapered end of the friction stabiliser enables easy insertion into the drilled hole. The compression of the tubular shape of the Splitset into the recommended smaller diameter hole generates a load transfer from the steel to the rock. The tubular shape of the bolt enables increased contact of the steel against the rock generating radial pressure and creating frictional resistance to the pull-out load of the tube from the hole.


PRODUCT Hole size Bundle size Taper Diameter Slot width
                                         Supraform S420 Graded Steel
SPLITSET 34MM Diameter X 0.45M – 1.8M Length 28mm 300 units 28mm 14.5mm
SPLITSET 39MM Diameter X 0.45M – 2.4M Length 36 mm 300 units 34mm 17.5mm
SPLITSET 47MM Diameter X 0.9M – 3M Length 43 mm 150 units 40mm 22mm