Osro Straps / Tendon Straps

Oslo Straps are used to improve surface support between Roof Bolts or Rock Anchors where there is fractured / friable ground. They are also used to strengthen and support Pillars and Haulage. High Energy absorbing design. Allows for movement without weakening the integral mesh strength. The product can be manufactured to mining application requirements.

Material Dimensions:
Standard Length Rods- 450 MPA Up to 6000mm
Non-n-Standard Lengths- 450 MPA 600mm + Standard Material Diameters Offered – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Cross Ties- Standard Material is 6.5mm drawn down to 5.6mm Diameter- 621 MPA

Standard Widths Offered:
230mm- 4 bar 70mm Spacing
300mm- 4 bar with 100mm- used to accommodate Cable Anchors
300mm- 5 bar with 75mm Spacing
400mm- 5 bar with 100mm Spacing
500mm- 6 bar with 100mm Spacing

Special Sies Offered:
Solid Mat up 2000mm Wide. Folding Mats up to 4000mmn wide.

Special Configurations Offered:
Thicker Roads on the Outside and Thinner Rods on the Inside.
Cable Friendly Straps.

Yielding Strap:
Used in High Seismic Activity Areas.

Reinforced Strap:
Designed for applications that require increased support strength.

Bundles of 50 Units for Standards witdths
Bundles of 10 0r 20 Units for Straps that are wider than 750mm (this is to make handling of the bundles a lot easier)

Load Capacity:
8mmØ – Transverse >35.64 kN and Longitudinal > 98kN
10mm > Transverse > 50kN and Longitudinal > 131kN

All the above product can be supplied Standard or with Red Oxide Coating, Cold Galv Coating or Fully Galvanised.