Timrite’s product offering can be split into three core product categorie

Non-timber based support

Non- timber based support includes patented weeping bag (polymer) and steel products. The bag products are of layered designed and when pumped with backfill or grout, provide an active support solution. Specific designs can be applied for ventilation channelling underground.

The steel range includes pre-stress units (PSU’s), temporary steel support and we are in the process of launching bolts and roof anchors.

This alternative product range offers the mining industry new innovative support solutions with advanced safety performance.

Non-timber based support: Bag Support

Timrite bag products are designed to place back fill, tailing based grout or aerated cement products, accurately underground. The products are woven polypropylene bags which when pumped up, form stable structures for the permanent support of workings or to form ventilation stoppages. Weeping and non-weeping versions are available for each product.

CemRite® Bag


PoweRite® Bag

VentRite® Bag

Non-timber based support: Steel Support